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Books, Stained Glass, and Mosaic Art


Books for the Mid-grade and Young Adult students

  • The Country Trilogy will take you to another world.

  • Northern Cowboy is the first in a series about a young writer. Each book takes you to a new adventure with Mitchell Lavender.

  • Lava Storm (not pictured here) is for the adults. My contribution, #4, of twenty-three stories each by a different author.

Nice to find your site, sign up for the emails and read the information. I absolutely love the stained glass in my window that you made and it was a privilege to share stained glass ornaments made by my Michigan friend with my friends in Denmark. Your work is international!
— Dot Northup
You do some beautiful glasswork Miss Sharon! Very talented with your hands and you are a writer too! YOU GO GIRL!! Love ya:)
— Donna Collier
Great book to read! Entertaining, kept you interested and intrigued to see what was going to happen. Great detail of rodeo activities.
— Deb Bowen
This is a great story of family, friends and ‘other worldly beings’ that teaches what friendship and loyalty really mean. Each one of the characters is unique and present their own sets of challenges, but in the end they pull together to help each other. This is a wonderful read for any age, but should appeal to the younger ages 8-15.
— Lois Krieger

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