​The Whirlpool Galaxy

Clicker's Forehead

​Country and The Rock - Chapter 4

​The creature's unblinking eyes stared deep into mine. We stood by the clubhouse for what seemed a lifetime. His hair was combed back revealing the forehead, a throbbing red area that resembled the inside of a fish's gill. Strips of skin separating the gill-like areas moved rhythmically.

Country and The Rock - Chapter 10

​His hair had fallen away from his forehead. I stared at him, fascinated. The color turned a pale red then almost pink as he fell deeper in sleep. Movement flowed across his head like a wave drifting softly to the shore. Strange and ugly, but at the same time beautiful.

Thank you to Gavyn Frahm and Joel Kinsey of Sand Lake, Michigan for modeling as Country and Clicker.



In Country and The Rock ​the boys fish in a lake similar to this. Clicker's ship hides in the depths of that lake.

​"We walked the short distance through the woods to the lake. We crowned a hill and there it lay before us like a blue jewel glistening in the sunlight."

There is a small constellation named Canes Venatici located south and west of the last bright star in the handle of the Big Dipper. If you point your telescope in that direction, you may find the Whirlpool Galaxy.

The name of the fictitious planet Venatici, in my books, is taken from the constellation's name Canes Venatici. I had two reasons to name it that. Firstly  the location of the Whirlpool Galaxy beyond the constellation Canes Venatici. Also because the Latin word Venatici means 'to hunt'. The Venies hunt the cosmos for wealth, so of course their planet is in the Whirlpool Galaxy.

Clicker's Noises

​You probably noticed that the series of clicks and squeaks were different at times. Here is a list of what those variations mean.

  • ​HAPPY - Squeak, Squeak, Squeak
  • SAD or MAD - Click, Click, Click
  • QUESTIONING - Click, Click, Squeak, Click
  • AFRAID - Click, Squeal, Click, Squeal
  • BRAVE - Squeak, Squeak, Click, Click
  • ​SURPRISED - Squeal, Squeal, Squeal, Squeak.