Astronaut Mike Hopkins prepares for his first space walk.

Thank you to NASA for the above pictures.

​Astronaut Hopkins took this picture of the Northern Lights on October 9, 2013, while aboard the International Space Station..

​Here you see a star that's being torn apart by the force of gravity near a black hole.


The Hubble Space Telescope brings us this picture of the Horsehead Nebula. A nebula is a mass of space gas and dust.

​CubeSats shown in space. The small satellites contain power and data systems. The cubes, among other missions, collect electrons from the plasma surrounding Earth. Scientist will use this knowledge to study space craft propulsion.

​CubeSats are a form of research spacecraft.

The star Kappa Cassiopeia leaves a red bow shock in its wake.  


The future space craft will have to be less expensive, lighter in weight, faster and more reliable according to NASA.

What about a space vehicle that has an outer shell that could heal itself or have wires no bigger than a molecule? NASA says all these things exist now and more new stuff is on the way.

Surface of Mars