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Book Two in the Country Trilogy

Out as Ebook - October 2013

Out April 25th

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Country and The Rock

Twelve-year-old Sean West, also known as Country, sees an explosion of light and finds clues that lead him to Clicker, a young alien, who wants to know what it's like to be a boy on Earth.

Country and his friends show Clicker all kinds of Earth-boy fun and Clicker teaches them about planet Sory, in the Whirlpool Galaxy.

They discover keeping Clicker a secret from others isn't so easy. Not only are the boys thwarted by Country's sister but by the local sheriff, the FBI, and some thieves from another planet, Venatici.


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Instead of going into the 7th grade, Country is taken to another galaxy and held hostage until he escapes in a land of three suns, snake-like creatures, and a fight for life.

He's on the adventure of a lifetime but realizes the importance of family when he misses his overbearing dad, pesky sister, and of course his mom.


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