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The Country Trilogy

In the first book of the series, Country And The Rock, we're introduced to twelve-year-old Country and watch the friendship develop between the Michigan farm boy and a young alien from the planet Sory.

Book two, Country Captured, takes Country to the Whirlpool Galaxy against his will by the thieving Venaticians.

Book three is written and with the publisher, MuseItUp. I'll keep you updated. The title is Country Unleashed. Country comes back to Earth to stop the destruction of the Rocky Mountains and reunite with his family.

You'll find these books on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Audible and more. They are available as ebooks, in print, and in audio.

Twenty-three authors, of which I'm one, will keep you turning the pages of these short stories for adults.


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This site is brought to you by S.Willett, author of  the Country Trilogy.

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