Fifteen-year-old Mitchell Lavender writes for his school’s newspaper and is delighted to land the rodeo assignment. The Cowboys agree to cooperate with him only if he learns how to rope and ride like them.

Mitchell believes that someone’s out to get him after the horse he’s riding is shot and he’s later caught in a burning barn. But why? Because he’s a girl magnet or great at everything he does?

Join Mitchell’s experiences in roping, riding like a cowboy, making new friends, and falling for a girl. Seriously…he loves a challenge and he’ll prove it. Or does he? You make the call. 

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Country And The Rock  is the first book in the series. We're introduced to twelve-year-old Sean West (Country) and watch the friendship develop between the Michigan farm boy and a young alien (Clicker) from the planet Sory. There are bad aliens after Clicker, as well as the FBI.

Book Two in the series, Country Captured, takes Country to the Whirlpool Galaxy. He thinks the trip is going to be horrible until...he meets some strange extraterrestrials, befriends an alien cat-like creature and uses their virtual exercise room. When the ship lands on the planet Sory, Country escapes to help his Sorian friends.

Book Three, Country Unleashedbrings Country home to find his family in danger and the Rocky Mountains being torn apart. Country and his friends think they're powerless to stop the destruction and takeover of Earth. But they must try.

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Writing these books proved to be hard work and yet, I have to say, it was fun discovering the places Country, Clicker, and the guys wanted to go or things they wanted to do. I know you'll enjoy reading this series and it would be great if you told others.

S. Willett       Author


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Booklets ​Out Now

​Try something new and different to enhance reading pleasure and skills.

1. The Candy Apple Werewolf - Sam's fun-filled evening making candy apples with friends turns into fear, screams, and a big mess.

2. The Chocolate Chipmunk - Sam helps set up Molly's backyard for her birthday party. Things don't go as planned. Why? Sam forgot to do the first and most important thing.

3. Hard Times - No one would jump up and down happy to work at Grandpap's for the weekend. Sam finds out what hard work means and is rewarded with a new outlook.

4. Robot Blues - Sam finds a robot when he gets locked in a room at the museum. The robot claims he's not really a robot. So, what is he?

5. Rodeo Secrets - In this story, Sam and his buddies spend the day at the rodeo. Sam doesn't like rodeos and says so. Some cowboys hear him and one of them tells Sam off. Does he go home? Nope. Does he see that same cowboy later that day? Yes.

Sam Benchley and his friends star in these short stories. You can also find and circle the words noted at the top of each page then look up those same words in the back of the booklet to find the meaning.

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